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Atiprithibi : Cosmosphere

This long standing ongoing epical bilingual project of innovative fiction of all in one form Prakalpana, fusing the essence of prose, poetry, essay, story, drama, novel, art, graphics, picture....set in different places, countries, peoples of all ages, vying plying and playing her / his rotating vortex of time and space in the Atiprithibi : Cosmosphere. The purview of the content is unprecedentedly diverese, cosmic and universal in nature, striving to supass the differences in the boundaries of geography, nationality, race, religion, language, powerful and  powerless, rich and poor, as it is expected of a cosmozen.

So far the first part of the above book has been published in Bangla and English. To buy and / sell these two books trade enquiry is welcome with the publishers:

Atiprithibi 1 (in Bangla), Rs. 250/=, $ 12/=.

Quark Publishers. 10/9 Siddhi Nath Chatterjee Road, Kolkata 700034. Call: +9830015525.


Cosmosphere 1. (ebook) $ 3.99.

To buy or to download free sample please visit >