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The innovative theories of Vattacharja Chandan in art and literature included Mathematical Dimension, Mathematical Poetry, Sarbangin Poetry, Visual Effect, Sonorous Effect, Word Effect, Golden Language, Chetanavyasism, Flow Verse, Double Action Poetry, Artograph, Poetrygraph, Prakalpana, Musical Effect, Sarbangin Story, Prakalpana Art......and some others, which  have been projected by the Prakalpana Movement for over the last four decades by the magagines >> Swatotsar, kOBISENa and PrakalpanA Sahitya : PrakalpanA LiteraturE. Among these theories mostly in use are Prakalpana, Chetanavyasism, Sarbangin Poetry, Flow Verse and Artograph which need to be defined here for the viewers and reviewers:

ojo Chetanavyasism = Whole conscious thoughtful subjective well-imaginative mental world + objective, natural, habitual, reiterated daily active world.

ojo Prakalpana = A form of literature & art composed of >> P for Prose, Poetry, graPhics + R for stoRy + A for Art, ChetAnAvyAs, essAy + K for Kinema + L for noveL, cuLture, pLay + N for soNg = proper imagination.

ojo Sarbangin Poetry = The poem grown out of proper imagination, reveals Chetanavyasism by utilising wholesome artful repetition of : Word + Visual + Sonorous + Musical Effects in Flow Verse rhythm.

ojo Flow Verse = The whole (sarbangin) rhythm in natural rhyming + unrhyming by commixing poetic + prosaic rhythms.

ojo Artograph = The art using and fusing drawing, photograph with graphics useful for printing, Mail Art and online. 








Felicitated ~ by P.E.N West Bengal and by Bangladesh Sahitya Sanskriti Sangshad, Dhaka in 2000 & 2004 and by Madhusudan Academy & Bangladesh Poets Foundation, Sagardari in 2004.

Participated ~ in Asian Literary Leaders Conference in 1997 in Washington DC and in World Bengali Personality Conference in Dhaka in 2000 and 2004. Performer of poetry with or without song and music in countless readings and conferences. Also toured parts of South East Asia, Middle East, Europe and USA.

Membership ~ P E N West Bengal.   ||   Copyright: Vattacharja Chandan 2014